emotional wellbeing course

Teaching children age 5 -9yrs a comprehensive 6 week journey into emotional wellbeing, understanding emotions and other peoples.


A globally unique approach to emotional well being for children 5 – 9years old.

This is an at-home version of our live workshop program that we run with groups. This is perfect if you have a child that can’t cope with group settings or if you are unable to attend one of our local workshops.

Your blessed little one will be taken through an adventurous 6 week program with material that goes beyond the standard education system, these are essential life skills and tools that will build their emotional literacy in advanced yet fun ways, ability to understand their emotional grid system, emotional regulation, compassion and kindness.

The literacy program is built around two characters ‘Jazzy and Pinky’, two little chickens from a chicken school, they invite kids on an adventure with their energy ball to support them in the important development of emotional intelligence awareness through a simple and fun program.

The program outcomes and deliverables are;

  • Emotional Literacy Skills – Happiness & Energetic Body
  • Communication Skills – With Self & Others
  • Transactional Behaviours – The Power of Expression
  • Social Interaction – Connection
  • Kinaesthetic Awareness & Techniques – Body Awareness, Intrinsic & Extrinsic Awareness
  • Mental Focus – Locus of Control
  • Integrated with Sound Therapy, using technology and frequencies that talk to the cellular memory.

You will receive a 90 day access to a 6 week program which includes;

6 Cartoons

You will receive 6 cartoons, one per week that relate to the exercises for you and your child.

Weekly workbooks

You will receive 5 workbooks, one for each week to sit down and work through with your kids

Colour Sheet

Colouring in sheet download to encourage connection with their ‘energy ball’

Thoughts Workbook

Thoughts workbook to support their exploration of thoughts and how they impact our feelings

Meditation Tracks

Access to frequency based guided meditation for you and your kids as well as frequency meditations for background music

Free Tips Workbook

Access to a FREE 7 tips workbook on how to bring mindfulness into the home

“My Energy Ball feels...Calm”

— 6 year old

“A noticeable improvement in his behaviour and his social skills”

— Parents of 7 yr old

Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Course

This is a 6 week online program for you and your child(ren) that will engage and encourage them to get involved, understand and connect with themselves and others. 

6 Week Course


90 days access
  • 6 Modules of Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness
  • 6 Cartoons with Jazzy & Pinky
  • Meditations & Frequency Music for Relaxation
  • 5 exercises per module
  • 5 workbooks per module
  • Certificate download
  • Colouring My Energy Ball Sheet 
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