we give you the tools you need for your children to manage THE BIG EMOTIONS, WITHOUT HAVING to yell or lose control.

Eliminate tantrums and outbursts without the stress.

Pretty much all parents can relate to watching your child’s emotions go from zero to a hundred within seconds. But no one told you what to do with this or that there could be a better way.

You never thought you would spend days feeling guilty because you ended up screaming at your kids or the household would feel a bit out of control. Parenting during these challenging times can feel isolating.

You might feel like you have tried everything, read all the books and watched all the videos.

But now you can open yourself and your child to an incredible tool that will help you breakthrough and finally feel like you have an easy to use emotional regulation and expression tool that works.

emotional LITERACY for children 5 – 9 years old.

The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy for Kids is a program provider for children aged 5 to 9 years old. The academy is a place where kids learn about their emotional grid system, how to manage it, they learn to meditate and apply practical tools of application in the real world using mindfulness techniques to arm them with the capacity to unplug in a plugged in world.

The literacy program is built around two characters ‘Jazzy and Pinky’, two little chickens from a chicken school, they invite kids on an adventure with their energy ball to support them in the important development of emotional intelligence awareness through a simple and fun program.

The two chickens Jazzy and Pinky come from a series of emotional regulation books teaching our children how to manage their emotions and how to deal with other peoples. In a colourful and fun format our books make a great addition to your children’s education journey.


We have great results in our classes, with most children feeling calm, relaxed and happy. A few of our participants feel energised after this work which is also a great outcome, however the majority feel calm, relaxed and happy.

This Incredible ‘At Home’ Online 6 Month Emotional Literacy Program for You and Your Kids is Delivered in bite size pieces for the busy home.

Where 10 minutes a day will build emotionally balanced kids to become great adults that make healthy life choices

The Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness Academy is a place where children learn about their emotional grid system, how to manage it, they learn to meditate and apply practical tools of application in the real world using mindfulness techniques to arm them with the capacity to unplug in a plugged in world.


Your child(ren) will be guided through an adventurous 6 week ‘at home’ live program with material that goes beyond the standard education system, these are essential life skills and tools that will build their emotional literacy in advanced yet fun ways, ability to understand their emotional grid system, emotional regulation, compassion, kindness and build confidence and social skills.

Then after your 6 week program you dive deep into a 6 month coaching system, providing real tools for significant change.

The 6 month program gives you daily activities that are no more than 5-10mins a day to do together as a family. You also join us on weekly live coaching calls on our private community page, holding your hand through the ups and downs and supporting you with the real life tools you need to help you and your family.

What our Community Said

Hi, I’m Tenille Bentley.

I’m the founder of The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy for Kids, Author, Award Winning Community Leader with a passion for supporting our next generation with the tools I wish I had as a kid.

As a child I suffered anxiety and emotional traumas and bullying which left me feeling isolated, and unable to understand why I was feeling the way I did.

I didn’t know how to express my emotions, socialise, connect with my heart, find calm in the chaos or quieten my busy mind.

Like you, I have seen so many parents have anxiety and stress over how to support the emotional growth and regulation of our children that have entered into a noisey world that is so plugged in, that we risk disconnection with ourselves, others and we don’t have tools to express how we feel properly.

It wasn’t until I discovered these powerful tools that helped me as an adult and I saw that they also supported children. And I finally understood how hard it is for kids of today to find peace, calm and understand their emotions and more importantly what to do with them.

What I learned completely transformed my perspective, and Im sure it will for you too!

Learn from a trusted and recognised emotional literacy experts

Have a look at Tenille sharing her wisdom with millions

What you and your child will receive from this program:

Emotional Literacy Skills

Creating Happier Kids who can Emotionally Regulate whilst Understanding WHY the emotions occur and how to express them without losing control

Learning to Manage the Big Emotions

Understanding how to manage those big emotions without going from zero to a hundred. Learning to pause before reactions

Reduce Anxiety & Build Confidence

Understanding how to manage anxiety levels, build up confidence and interacting with others without feeling stressed out

Emotional Intelligence Workbooks

Easy ‘at home’ exercises in a workbook to do as a family to help create happier children and families without having to invest too much time

Relaxation Skills

Learning life long skills to support them in a busy world, how to unplug and find peace with guided relaxation techniques without having to sit still

Skills to Support Every Emotion

Learning life skills in a fun and easy way for the entire family to support the rainbow of emotions so that your child can self regulate building mental resilience

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What You Will Get In Your Masterclass Program

  • 6 Modules of Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness
  • 6 Cartoons with Jazzy & Pinky
  • Free Meditations & Frequency Music for Relaxation
  • Daily exercises to integrate long term change
  • Monthly workbooks per module
  • Certificate download for your Kids
  • Colouring My Energy Ball Sheets
  • Thought Bubbles Workbook – Exploring How Thoughts Impact Our Emotions
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Free One on One Session
  • 6 Month Program with Daily Emotion Lessons
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